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Training For A Career in Health Kinesiology™

There is always a need for more Qualified Practitioners in all parts of the World.

Whether you are already a qualified complementary therapist and wish to add a new skill to your business or are interested in learning Health Kinesiology™ as your first complementary skill, as well as high level of job satisfaction, Health Kinesiology™ can offer you a flexible source of income as well as a skill to help yourself and those nearest to you. Many of our practitioners find it convenient to run their practice from home, particularly if they are only working part-time. In addition students in generally find the practice during the courses improve their own health and that of their family making the study programme an insightful and rewarding experience.

Health Kinesiology™ (HK) has been the most comprehensive, systematic, and powerful bioenergy balancing system since its inception in 1978. Developed by a trained scientist and backed by a firm scientific foundation Health Kinesiology™ has always been a major innovator in the field. Many of its proprietary methodologies and techniques have been borrowed by others. It is believed that HK produced the first phobia correction, the first allergy techniques based on energy, the first systematic approach to correcting psychological stress, the first methods of systematically correcting toxicity and metabolic issues, the first to use kinesiology to balance geopathic energies—the list goes on and on.

If you have Issues of psychological stress, toxicity, metabolism, geopathic stress, learning dysfunction, and almost anything physical, emotional, spiritual, or energetic, then explore this site. You may find what you are looking for here. We constantly add new information, so check back frequently. 

Training courses are held all over the World.

English spoken modules 

German spoken modules 

To see an interview with Jimmy Scott by Janey Lee Grace a well known radio presenter in the UK follow this link.

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