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Protocols & Procedures for the Professional Practitioner

This is a new HK Course, called 16P for short, designed to help you hone your skills as a Professional Practitioner. (I will explain why 16 p's in the Course.)
Prerequisite: This Course requires at least HK  3, but more is preferred.
NOTE: This Course is now required for HK Practitioner Certification and HK Teacher Authorization.

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This Course includes:
The colorful new Practitioners Reference Manual, individualized for each recipient.
A Manual for the Reference Manual!
Extensive coverage of correct notation.
Extensive coverage of proper Client Records.
Advanced Analysis - one of the major topic of this Course.
The Practitioners Reference Manual summarizes (almost) all HK procedures, whether or not taught in any Course. It contains the most up–to–date words lists, complete list of HK factors, very extensive materials for P–OM corrections, numerous checklists, tables, and summaries. It is an easy to use booklet to carry everywhere with you. Some of the material from HK1–10 has been slightly revised and is not yet in any other Course manual.

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This 16P Course also includes a Guide to the Manual, to help you learn how to get the most benefit from it.
With proper notation any HK practitioner should be able to read and properly interpret what you have done with a client. This material has been scattered throughout various Course manuals, and now is summarized in one place. This notation is critical for keeping good records, and adequate usage is required for Practitioner Certification.
It is professionally and legally necessary to keep appropriate client records. This Course will help you learn how.
Issue Analysis is partly why HK is so powerful. Much of this Course is focused on doing just that. In addition to general topics there will be specific examples of analyzing things like Intellectual Functioning / Learning Disabilities / Hormonal Balance / Endocrine System / Causes of Issues / etc. This is the most important part of this Course. 

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