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A New Career And The Costs Involved

It is important to be aware of the costs involved in training to become a Health Kinesiology™ Practitioner.  It is equally as important to see the possible income you can make in your new career, below you will see an example regarding income and the costs involved as of 2010.

You can make a significant income, e.g.:
$65 / hour x 25 hours / week for 48 weeks  = $78,000 / year
$90 / hour x 25 hours / week for 48 weeks  = $108,000 / year
$125 / hour x 25 hours / week for 48 weeks = $150,000 / year

By selling appropriate products, say nutritional supplements:-

$100 / month for 25 clients for 52 weeks @ 50% = $65,000 additional.
Totals $142,000 to $173,000 / year.

Actually you will probably have many more than the 25 clients, as most clients are initially seen only once or twice a month, becoming less frequent later. This easily doubles your sales to $130,000. By
adding books, CD’s, certain cosmetic products, etc, that total get much larger, over $200,000 per year. You must be extremely careful that you recommend products to clients only if they really need them, not just to make money.

$125 x 40 x 48 = $240,000 / year service
$150 x 40 x 52 = $156,000 / year products
Totals $396,000 / year.

With twice as many clients the Total can be over $500,000 a year.

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For this level you will need office staff! Note: the above numbers do not reflect the cost of doing business.

This assumes you have been well trained and acquired sufficient experience to be Certified, and that you have an aptitude for this sort of bioenergetic work. It also depends on what area you work. In some locations the above numbers may be high and for others somewhat low. If you sell more products, and not just to clients, these numbers can be much larger.

Obviously it will take some time to develop your Professional Practice to these levels, but with diligent and knowledgeable effort this can be achieved by almost any qualified Practitioner. The numbers above are not guaranteed, as they depend almost entirely on your own self and your personal efforts. The example here may not be typical.

Full Time work in HK is generally considered as about 25 hours of client time. Forty hours a week is a very heavy load. This is not easy work!

By organizing your schedule you can arrange the 25 client hours plus administrative time into 4 days a week and give yourself not only a month’s vacation each year but also as many 3 or 4 day weekends as you like.

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The process of setting up and Marketing your Practice can be eased with training in those topics. You do not have to have any particular background, training, or degrees to become an HK Practitioner. You need to be intelligent, interested in many things, and willing to learn new and different approaches. You also need to be ethical, honest, have high integrity, have an ability to relate to others, be a good listener and observer, and be willing to accept what is without impressing your own desires on the situation, and be able to think.

After you have adequate training and experience you might be interested in teaching HK. Criteria are high, but if you can qualify you can earn even more money. Our HK Teachers have earned, collectively over the years, over $5,000,000. Teaching alone can place you in the top 10% to 5% in USA income.

We do not want money to be your primary motivation. To most of us the much larger reward is the satisfaction of helping people. HK changes lives, and we act as a catalyst. There has been no greater joy in my life than to see someone walk, who was previously condemned to a wheel chair.

Or to see a person use a limb which was previously flaccid and sentenced to amputation. Or to see a disabled child become able to attend a regular school and get the high marks which previously were impossible. Or to hear the stories of all those folks who no longer suffer the afflictions which they had been told were incurable. It is these events which provide the richness in my life. I hope you want to share in them.

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