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Becoming a Health Kinesiology™ Practitioner

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The Studies
course in IsraelHealth Kinesiology™  considers you ready to call yourself an HK™ Practitioner after you have completed HK1– 6. This includes a total of 168 hours of course instruction with plenty of practice on friends, family and clients as well. Of course, you can begin to work on family and friends as soon as you have taken as little as one day of courses: HK is immediately useful.

HK has taught many thousands of students worldwide, from over 25 countries.

Foundation modules are 28 hours course time each (30 in UK, 32 hours in Australia and New Zealand), generally taught in 4 full days. A student progresses from HK 1 to HK 6 in sequence. The courses are generally spaced so that there is time to absorb and practice the material presented before going on to the next course. Check course schedules to get a feel for the timing. Usually, one individual teacher sees a course straight through from HK 1 to 6, although students are free to change teachers if they wish. The training may take a year or longer, depending on student interest and course availability.

Once you have completed HK 6, you may receive client referrals from the HK office, but will not be personally recommended by us unless you have gone through the rigorous HK  Practitioner Certification process. This option confirms your competence as an HK Practitioner.

Practitioner Certification

Practitioner certification provides you with public acknowledgment of your excellence as a student and practitioner of HK. It requires not only thorough knowledge of course content, but also considerable hands-on experience with clients, and the ability to demonstrate your skill to an examiner.

Although you are free to work as an HK Practitioner without being certified, certification gives you a measure of your personal and professional accomplishment and gives your clients the assurance of your mastery of the HK material. Naturally, the HK Office gives preference to certified practitioners when making referrals. HK Certification is purely a function of the HK™ program; it is not a legal licensure of any sort.

Requirements for HK Practitioner Certification: 

• Attendance at HK 1 through 6.
• A written examination of your understanding of the data, procedures, and skills taught in HK 1 to 6.
• A personal demonstration/exam of your hands-on HK skills in the presence of an HK instructor.
• Proper documentation of your use of HK with other people.
• Documentation of personal HK corrections you have received from other HK practitioners.

HK as a Professional Option

Health Kinesiology™ is a powerful option as a professional path.

Its rigorous standards of teaching and certification assure that you will be competent to work as a professional in the field of alternative health. HK can be combined with other modalities that you may currently practice, or that you may decide to learn at a later date. Even seasoned kinesiologists have found that HK added a power and clarity to their work that they did not have before.

Many HK students have begun to study and practice as they continued to work at their "regular" jobs, only to find that demand for their services grew quickly. Once they took the leap, they were soon able to go into practice full-time, devoting themselves to helping others through HK.

As continuing professional development, HK™ 7– 10 are offered for students who have completed HK module 6. Most of these courses are taught by Dr. Scott himself, in USA, England, Germany, and wherever there are HK 6 students. These courses provide exciting opportunities for expanding your mastery of HK, as Dr. Scott shares his ever increasing body of knowledge and experience directly with his students.

For German speaking students: see also the German Language professional HK practitioner 3 year Training