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Dr Jimmy Scott Working  



 Body BioEnergetics 

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Prerequisite:HK 3

This Course is required for Advanced Certification in HK.
Original, unique, and the only official HK "body work" Course. No other Course covers this material. Some energy changes are best effected by biochemical manipulation, such as nutrition, or mentally, such as psychological corrections. Other energy shifts are best accomplished with more mechanical procedures. This is what Body BioEnergetics is all about.
Anatomical knowledge is very important for this Course, so we learn many new muscles and how to work with them. We learn how to detect and correct reactive muscles, reactive tendons, postural misalignment, and how to use numerous un–named techniques. We systematically explore how to work with different areas of the body. An extremely valuable adjunct to the other HK energy work.
Be prepared to wear minimal clothing. You will come away from this Course functioning better! A licensing agreement must be signed in order to attend this Course. A copy of Jimmy’s manual "Muscles & Bones" (60 pages and growing) is included as well as the extensive illustrated Course
manual (70 pages and growing).
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