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 Cure Your Own Allergies (introductory 1 day Course)

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This is a one day Course that stands alone.

A hands-on, practical Course using the Health Kinesiology Allergy Tap™ Techniques from Dr. Scott's best-selling book of the same name. You will learn how to muscle-test, and use very simple, quick, acupressure techniques to correct energy-allergies for your friends and family. An ideal addition to your household first aid kit, or your therapeutic practice.

For your free manual, see Cure Your Own Allergies manual. This content is covered in the first day of HK1. Some teachers may offer a discount to their own students who complete the Cure Course and later go on to HK1.

Please click here to watch Dr.Scott talking about How You Can Liberate Yourself From; Allergy Ignorance Part 1 and Part 2.



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