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Emergency HK

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Prerequisite:HK 2

These days more and more disasters are happening–storms, floods, power outages, fires, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, riots, radiation releases, and other events where outside help may not be available for an extended period. Typically most communications are either completely down or so overloaded as to be of little or no benefit. There is no reason to be helpless! Be Prepared. Using your HK training, and your calm head, you can help yourself and others in these circumstances. No, we are not talking about setting bones here, but helping people cope whatever the circumstances. You can test to see if the water or food is OK to use. You can relieve panic, pain, and all sorts of stresses. You can make a difference with the skills you already have.

This class will help you organize that knowledge and guide you in its use under very stressful situations. You may need some work on yourself to avoid being so stressed that you cannot function effectively. You owe it to your family, neighbors, friends, and strangers, too, to help when you may be all they have. That is the purpose of this class. This class will help you get prepared.

This class will be independently audio and video recorded. We might be able to make the class available via recording later.

Once you have attended the class you will be given a password to allow access to the information. 

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