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English Spoken Modules

 Health Kinesiology™ / BioEnergetics Physiology™ Training Schedule

The following pages show the different modules that are required to be taken in module order from HK1-10 to allow full assimilaton of the information and reap the full benefits of this technique.

Introduction to the HK/BEP System

HK2: The Science of HK/BEP

HK3, HK4 and HK5

HK6, HK7, HK8, HK9 and HK10


The following modules can be taken in any order providing the pre-requisite has been met for the module:-


BioEnergetic Nutrition 1

Cure Your Own Allergies In Minutes

Emergency HK


Intrusive Energies

Body BioEnergetics

Research Training Program

SCOTT Protocol



If you have any questions either contact the relevant teacher directly or contact the office

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