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  Franky Kossy KFRP (Adv)

 Franky Kossy

Main Teaching Location: UK

Teaching HK since:2004

Address:  1 Harley Street,
London W1G 9QD

Mobile: (+44) (0) 7815 869598



Franky Kossy has been teaching Health Kinesiology for many years and has a thriving practice in London 's famous Harley Street.

She re-invented herself after having a successful career in accounting and IT and takes those expert managerial and teaching skills into her classroom. She shares her enthusiasm and experiences of HK with her students thus creating an informal, relaxed, humorous and easy atmosphere in which to learn, and at the same time balances it with a structured learners' approach allowing adults to thrive. Her classes are purposely kept small to permit individualised attention offering an easy pace throughout the course.  

She herself has been trained by Dr Jimmy Scott, the founder of HK. She has dedicated all her own learning and energy advancement into taking as many HK courses as are available.  

She believes that once you have HK you have it all! 


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