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Dr Jimmy Scott Working  



 Geobiology and Practical Geobiology


Modules Timetable

Prerequisite: HK 3 

In Geobiology our focus is on the energy of the environment rather than the energy of the person. It is, however, because these energies can so dramatically affect all living beings that we must learn about these environmental energies, how to change them, and how to protect ourselves from them. Both natural and man-made energies (e.g., electromagnetic) are considered. Many of these Courses are residential. This is a crucial Course.

Geobiology Energy Skills 

Detection of over 20 different earth energy grids, lines, and other energy patterns. Learn over 20 different methods of balancing, changing, deflecting, neutralizing, or blocking harmful environmental energies and how to enhance helpful energies. We explore these energies and how they affect life. The concept of resonance is considered in depth. Both lecture and hands-on work are included, with much of the Course time spent outdoors. Kinesiology and dowsing skills are taught. Come prepared for any weather. Bring to–scale floor plans (each floor including basement) of your home, office, and another location for Course work. This is a 48–hour Course. When you register, be sure to obtain from the HK Office the list of materials we suggest you bring to Course.


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 Practical Geobiology

This Course differs from the regular Geobiology Course in these ways:

1) 4 days rather than 6 days.

2) Less theoretical and academic material. To save the two days the discussions of earth energies, stone circles, etc must be very limited. The same manual is used, however, including the extensive reading list. Nothing of the how–to–do–it is left out.

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