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If you are an Health Kinesiology Student, please fill out the form you can download HERE as an pdf file, and send it directly (by snail mail, fax, or as a scanned / attachment by email) to the Health Kinesiology™

We will send you, by mail or email, your HK ID number and Password(s) which will allow you to:

  • Access files in the HK Students Section of the HK web site.
  • Download the latest version of the HK class manuals for those classes you have taken (pdf format only). Parts of many manuals are produced in color in the original but most manuals given in class will be only in black & white.
  • Download other materials appropriate for the classes you have taken. (For example, the HK Glossary, an updated Words List for HK 3, or new Sources of materials for HK 2.)
  • Update your Contact Information (coming soon). 
  • Receive referrals for prospective clients, if you wish. We will offer name, phone, email, city, but not addresses. We reiterate: HK will never sell, trade, give away, or use for non–HK purposes any information you give us. We respect your Privacy and Wishes. We do take precautions on the HK web site to prevent your information from being copied en mass by special programs used for that purpose.

As the HK Student section of the web site develops you will not only be able to download to your computer the most current version of the class manuals, but also some other materials.

Certain of these will be free in a black & white version or for a small fee you will be able to obtain the color version. For us to send you an already printed paper copy is much more expensive due to cost of printing and shipping, not to mention the labor involved, but that option will usually be available also. Many of the files are very large because of the graphics.

Most files will be in pdf format, and are intended to view on screen or, for some, print with a laser printer. Non–laser printing may not have the full clarity and quality. Most customized materials, such as the Practitioner Manuals, will not be available on–line, as the actual printing and binding is specially done and customized for you.

Class evaluation feedback allows us to maintain and increase our standards across our team of teachers.  If you have been on a class and forgotton to give us feedback please download this form, and use the dropdown menu to state your ratings on the form and not your numerical pad. You can then email it directly back to us.  Remember it is only with your help that we can move HK forward. 

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