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Dr Jimmy Scott Working  



 HK1: “Introduction to the HK System”

Module Dates

Prerequisite: None. Everyone must begin with this Course. This workshop presents the basic principles and procedures used in every HK session, including a grounding in the basics of Chinese medicine. It is designed both for experienced Kinesiologists and for newcomers to Kinesiology. Some of the most enthusiastic students of this Course have been people who have already had several years of experience using various other styles of Kinesiology! This Course includes all of the basic muscle–testing and energy skills needed to use HK with yourself and others. It offers a balanced combination of lecture / demonstration and hands-on practice, and it will also enable you to complete at home many of the energy corrections your HK practitioner develops for you in the office.

HK 1 Energy Techniques: Muscle–testing others and a beginning of self–testing; HK Meridian Energy Balancing and the Body Sequence session structure; the basic HK approach to Psychological Corrections; the BBEI Corrections for eliminating certain primitive fears; the Belief System Eliminiation technique; Meridian Tracing; an introduction to muscle–testing for the effects of environmental electromagnetism on an individual, and simple tools to reduce those effects, the Adjunctive Activities: work, play, rest, & sleep; the HK Tapping Techniques for eliminating allergies and enhancing tolerance to foods and environmental substances. An extensive manual with our own high–quality illustrations is included.

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