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Dr Jimmy Scott Working  



 HK3, HK4, and HK5


“Issue Analysis” 

Module Dates

Prerequisite: HK 2

The foundation for careful, accurate verbal testing skills is laid in HK1 and 2. HK3 students use and enhance those skills as they use verbal testing to pinpoint client issues and develop profound Psychological Corrections.

HK 3 Energy Techniques: 

Energy Corrections for pain, external & internal scars, & phantom sensations; Psychophysiological Corrections; Energy Flow Balancing Corrections for Thinking Modes; new Psychological Corrections: the Being / Not–Being & Gerund structures. The Issue & Facet Analysis skills are studied in depth.

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 “The Points/Operations Matrix”

Module Dates

Prerequisite: HK 3. 

The Points / Operations Matrix is the essence of HK. With time, patience, and creativity, anyone can rediscover all the HK Energy Corrections for themselves using this elegant, efficient tool. HK4 also offers a detailed comparison & contrast of the HK Energy Corrections, Energy Toning, & Adjunctive Factors.

HK 4 Energy Techniques:  

The Points / Operations Matrix; Affirmations, HK style; Reactivation: an energy “On Switch”; the HK Energy Toning Movements; new Psychological Corrections: the Concept / Experience & “I” Items Factors; Energy Alignment; Energy Corrections to facilitate sensory perception; using Life Transformers for Energy Corrections & Energy Toning.


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Prerequisite: HK 4

HK 5 Energy Techniques: 

Seven more Psychological Correction structures, including Fears & Phobias; an HK Chakra Correction; the Body Position Memory Correction; Corrections for direct & peripheral sensory perception; correcting energy imbalances involved with the process of remembering & understanding; Emotions Training; Focused Energy Redirection; a consideration of exercise, and Vital Energy. 

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