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Dr Jimmy Scott Working  



 HK6, HK7, HK8, HK9 and HK10


 HK 6 

Module Dates

Prerequisite: HK 5

HK 6 Energy Techniques:

We consider certain tools in this Course, mostly used in the Points / Operations Matrix concept learned in HK 4: Aromatic Substances, Essences, Homeopathics, and Woods. Also, additional Energy Redirection Factor corrections, Psychological Structures, Energy Toning procedures, and Adjunctive Factor items. New Factors include the Temperament Factor and the Age Identity Factor. Indexing and other topics are also included.

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HK 7

Module Dates

Prerequisite: HK 6

We consider additional tools in this class, mostly used in the Points / Operations Matrix concept: sound / music, light / color. New Factors include Cellular Dynamics, and Critical Life Concepts. Cosbats. Also additional Psychological Structures and Adjunctive Factor items.

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HK 8

Module Dates

Prerequisite: HK 7

A new major Factor: Unification Structures (eleven of them). Also Environmental Factor: Personal Space. More Energy Flow Balancing, Energy Toning, Psychological Structures, and Psychological Processes.


 HK 9

Module Dates

Prerequisite: HK 8

BioEnergy System                                                                                         Metabolic Blocks
Quick Delicious Super Nutrition Diet Plan
More Psychological Structures and Psychological Processes
More Critical Life Concepts


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HK™ 10

Module Dates

Prerequisite:HK 9

Without HK7 or 8 there will be parts of the Course you may not fully comprehend. This Course is required for Advanced Certification in HK. No other Course covers this material.

Extensive discussion of HK’s underlying Theoretical Structure, the HK energy model. Three new approaches to Energy Analysis: HK Energy Model, Meridian Energies, and Subtle Energies (meta analysis). Gemstones, and gemstone programming. More Psychological Processes and Psychological Structures. A licensing agreement must be signed in order to attend this Course.  
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