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 Intrusive Energies

Modules Timetable

Prerequisite:HK 3

This is a four day Course. This Course is required for Advanced Certification in HK. 

Original, unique, and the only official HK Course. No other Course covers this material. This is a crucial Course.
Intrusive Energies covers several very important concepts. These are energies which are not naturally within the body, but can affect or even become part of the body’s energy system.
Entities are like energy parasites. They are residuals of living energies which can become attached to people or locations.
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Psychic Attack may be unintentional or deliberate (e.g., voodoo), or caused carelessly, but can devastate people.
Thought Fields are mainly from emotionally charged situations, but they, too, can become attached and significantly influence people or places.
Incidental Exposure and Controlling Energies are important new additions.
This Course teaches you how to recognize dozens of sources of these energies, how to easily and safely rid the body of them, and how to protect people, including yourself, from them. Bring to Course the names of at least 3 people for whom you have already received Conscious Permission to do Intrusive Energies work on them. A licensing agreement must be signed in order to attend this Course.

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