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 Jeanine Monnin

Jeanine Monnin
Main Teaching Location: USA 
Address: 1946 Stadium Drive # 2, Bozeman MT 59715 USA 
Teaching HK since: 1997  
Phone: (+1) 406 585 1375 
Cell: (+1) 406 581 4552 
Jeanine travels to many major cities in the US to teach classes and offer treatments. Her main office is located in Bozeman, Montana. Jeanine has gained her experience from having maintained a full time HK Practice for several years. She has thousands of hours under her belt working with clients across the country. She has also taken numerous classes and obtained certificates in various disciplines to supplement her skills and knowledge. Jeanine is also a nationally certified Montessori teacher and received personal training from Madame Caspari, a direct student of Maria Montessori. After many years of working as a teacher, Jeanine saw a great need for children to be healed of psychological blocks to their intellectual and spiritual development. HK was the perfect answer. Since studying HK, she has been able to help many parents and children. 
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