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Linda Orr Easthouse

Linda Orr Easthouse

Main Teaching Location: Canada 
Teaching HK since: 2010 
Address: 612 -15th St NW Calgary, T2N 2A9 
Office: (+1) 403 250 1627 / Cell: (+1) 403 560 3625

My journey in Health Kinesiology™ began in 2002. We had just moved to Canada from Peru. Both my children had suffered from chronic allergies to foods, pollens, moulds, dusts, everything! They had developed asthma, and had endured ear/nose/throat infections for many years. An acquaintance at work offered to have a look at them after he heard they had been in emergency again, over the cottonwood trees. He said he did “a little natural health therapy”, just as a ministry to help people.

We had already done all the diets, acupuncture, nutritional supplements and everything else we knew, but both kids were on two kinds of puffers and two antihistamines. It seemed so deceptively simple. Just a couple of sessions and they started getting better. Three months later, they were off the puffers. Six months later they were off the antihistamines. They remain allergy free eight years later.


About three months in, I asked him to have a look at my allergies. I just had a few but wanted to feel what was happening and learn more about it. At the end of the session, he said, “by the way your thyroid isn’t working.” I knew that, it had never worked. I had been on meds my whole life. He asked if I wanted it fixed! When I told him that Doctors had always told me it wasn’t fixable, he replied, “We can see what your body wants to do with it.” Two sessions later, my thyroid clicked on like a switch and I was able to go off my meds. My blood tests are still perfect—better than they were on the meds. 

At that point I was hooked. I asked him to teach me what he did. Of course, he said no but that I should go take one of the training courses. So in early 2003 with my Masters Degree in hand I flew to the US and eventually became a fully certified practitioner of Health Kinesiology™. My training included the standard courses for certification with Health Kinesiology™ International,  specialized training in Geobiology, Intrusive energy, and Body Bioenergetics. I am also trained and experienced in Visual-Spatial Therapy which is an excellent tool for those with learning disabilities.

My job as a therapist is the most fulfilling, satisfying work I have ever done. Helping others be the best they can be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually gives me purpose to keep pursuing higher training and greater experience that will make me a better practitioner and better person.

It has been a long but satisfying journey! Is it time to begin your journey?


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