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List Of Practitioner's Web Sites

Below are some of our practitioner's web sites that you may find helpful. Many more will be added over the coming months.


Canada WebsitesCanada

Maureen Smith of Toronto, Canada

Linda Orr Easthouse Calgary, Canada


Germany WebsitesGermany

Gabriele Waidele of Offenburg, Germany

 Tonja Hauser of  Wardenburg,Germany


New Zealand websitesNew Zealand

Ann Parker of Wanaka, New Zealand

Sandie Lovell of Wanaka, New Zealand


United Kingdom WebsitesUnited Kingdom

Franky Kossy of London, England

Helen Matkin

Julie Tasker 

Christine Fowler


United States Of America United States Of America

Eleanora Amendorala Sacred Center
Sacred Center offers a two-year healing arts school program, training, and workshops; individual private session; mentoring; and journeys to extraordinary places in Peru. Helping people help themselves.


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HK cannot accept responsibility for any individual practitioners or claims made therein. is an information website run by HK.

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