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List Of Recommended Web Site Resources
By Dr. Scott

Here is a list of web sites that you may find helpful.

The international home site of Health Kinesiology™ / BioEnergetic Physiology™. Dr.Scott developed HK in 1978 and has been adding to this phenomenal therapy ever since.

The British home site of Health Kinesiology™.   Visit this site to find practitioners specific to the United Kingdom.

The international home site of Life Transformers™, gemstones that have been permanently modified using bioenergetic engineering, with specific qualities to allow people to overcome fears, stress, and lead happier lives.

The home site of Dr.Scott's book Cure Your Own Allergies In Minutes book. Here you will find a free download manual so that you can use these tools easily. Dr.Scott's views on health issues.

List of Practitioner's Web Sites

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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