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 Madeline Drabkowski

 Madeline Drabkowski


Main Teaching Location:   USA

Teaching HK since: 1992   


Phone: (+1) 845 294-4392 





Madeline has been in practice for 35 years; since 1975.  She is a practitioner and authorized teacher of Health Kinesiology™ as well as Polarity Therapy. 


Madeline has three offices where she sees clients; Arkport, NY; Teaneck, NJ, and Goshen, NY. Her daughter Bonny Hahn , an HK practitioner runs the office in Arkport. In Teaneck, Madeline is joined by Ariel Morales and Terry Schile-Morales. Finally, in the new Goshen office, “HealthKinesiologyCenter”, she partners with Carolyn Russell, Ph.D., Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Chinese Herbologist, and HK practitioner.  


Madeline’s dedication to the teaching and practice of HK, Polarity & Nutrition manifested thousands of successes as well as gratification no money could ever provide. She has touched the lives of thousands over her 35 years of practice. 


Madeline is the wife of Dr. Alex Drabkowski, her most ardent supporter. He is the hidden strength which has allowed her to soar into the brilliance of her career. They live in Middletown, NY and have eleven children, 20 grandchildren, 3 great grandsons, and 1 great grand daughter. 


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