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 Melinda Ackerson


 Main Teaching Location:USA

Teaching HK since: 1999

Address: 207 Harrowfield Hts. York, South Carolina 29745 USA

Phone: (+1) 803-631-2575 or  (+1) 803-631-2561 

Melinda (often known as Lindie, especially when she travels) is an outgoing individual who became interested in HK after being successfully treated for allergies by Lorrie Duffy in the early 90’s. She has been delighted to acquire the skills to help her own clients regain health through the application of HK principles. Using HK as the framework, she has incorporated her more detailed study of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, and her on going study for her ND degree.

As she has progressed through Module 10 of HK training she has found that teaching is the highlight of her regular practice. From her home in Central New York, she has seen her HK practice develop, first through her family and friends in Omaha NE, and later to a new base of friends in Chicago and Michigan. She is excited about seeing her business grow, especially, “…since teaching makes HK available to so many more people. One practitioner can see only so many people, but one teacher can multiply themselves through their students.” She delights in seeing them progress in their ability to help themselves and others.

She and her husband Scott enjoy spiritual pursuits, travel, and meeting new people. She also joins her husband from time to time in his hobbies of motorcycling and music. Eventually they would enjoy traveling together as Melinda widens her HK work base. Please feel free to contact her about possible future locations for HK classes.

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