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Research Training Program


The Research day is to be arranged. Please note that the fee being charged for this class will go towards the cost of the research, data analysis, and publication in various Journals. 

What happens:  

All Day Research Seminar

We will examine in detail a set of agreements, disclosures, record keeping forms, several different data gathering forms, procedures, and most importantly, instruction about how to use these in our research program. An understanding of research thinking and approach is essential. Unless you complete this information you can not participate in the research program. 

This day is the best way since you can ask questions as needed. Otherwise, you will be given an opportunity, a little later, to study video recordings to get the information. You must also pass a qualifying quiz to demonstrate your understanding of critical concepts (it's not hard-promise). All the material must be completed before you are presented with a Certificate as an Authorized Research Associate.

The Fee for this material goes to support the publication of the data and results, and is not a usual "workshop fee". We all will benefit from this program, and the more who participate the more quickly we will have sufficient data to publish. Only those who participate will be able to advertise for research subjects and be able to claim "scientifically proven" after the results are published, as we expect to be able to prove the effectiveness of each Practitioner. This is a groundbreaking event. Do not miss it! Other K’s are also being invited to participate.

Discussion will be given to the concept of Research and the expertise that Jimmy has in this field as a Research Scientist.  You will be able to attract clients using the word Allergies, Migraines, etc as they will be part of a clinical trial and any local advertising standards agency will not be able to halt that.

Obviously the major benefit of attending this class and becoming a Research Associate is to start to gather proof that HK does work, in a way that is acceptable to outside viewers.  Only by everyone participating, whether you have one client or hundred's it doesn't matter but shows the world that we are a team and a force to be reckoned with.