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Dr Jimmy Scott Working  



 The SCOTT Protocol

Modules Timetable

Requires at least HK3. Skill at asking questions and self testing are required.

This stands for: Stimulating Connections & Organization Through Touch.
This totally new Course teaches you how to change and make new brain / body connections in moments. In the last few years I have been developing this completely new procedure which makes nervous system / bioenergetic system changes so fast you will not believe it unless you see it.
Autistic kids change so much and so quickly that teachers and family are astonished (and ask for more).
An old lady crippled by arthritis stood dramatically taller and walked faster within a few moments, even without her crutch (over two hundred observers saw this demonstration at an international brain conference).
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A young man stopped stuttering in minutes.
Many report sensations like "a fog lifting from me" during the process. In this Course you will learn the history of this technique, some of the bioenergetic and physiological background, how to do the technique, how to keep the records, and you will have abundant hands–on practice. This technique will become an indispensable part of your professional repertoire. A licensing agreement must be signed in order to attend this Course.
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