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 Sandie Lovell

 Sandie Lovell

Main Teaching Location: Wanaka, New Zealand
Address:  16 Rimu Lane, Wanaka 9305 NZ
Teaching HK since: 2010
Phone: (+64) (0) 3 443 5779/ (+64) (0) 27 362 3312 



After working in Analytical and Scientific Services, Research Division, British Rail for 21 years, I decided to change my focus in life and trained in Aromatherapy, Sports Massage and Touch for Health. I was also looking for a solution to long term health problems and finally found complete healing through Health Kinesiology™. From 1996 to 2008 I had HK practices in Ashbourne, Monsal Head, Ripon and Chesterfield. 


Now I have relocated to live in Wanaka, NZ and I am establishing a practice here.


Over the years I have been privileged to share many different healing journeys with my clients. I now feel I am ready to share a different type of journey with others- a journey of self-discovery through learning HK rather than being treated with HK. I know this particular path I have chosen will be as enlightening for me as it will be for the students. I am very excited about the opportunity to teach HK and initially plan to co-teach with Ann Parker in Wanaka, NZ.


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