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Students Testimonials


"The dynamics in the class is so powerful and invigorating while the four very intensive days just fly by as one moment. It is such a short period of time, but it is like life itself - with huge emotional ups and, yes, also downs. Because it is all about energy work. And energy moves! I have seen and experienced in the class wonderful healings that happen within minutes - scars disappear, pain lessens... It is hugely interesting and very inspiring. I feel like my own enthusiasm has been rekindled. And at the heart of all these dynamics, keeping the whole group focussed, is a wonderful tutor and practitioner - Franky Kossy" D.Delaney, UK.

"I loved how open and comfortable the class was. You were never afraid to ask questions.  I had fun and learned more than I anticipated!" E.Duffy, NY", USA.

"I can't wait to get started helping people to heal themselves!" C.Bronden, NY, USA

"This would be a great part-time job that will turn out to be a full-time job if you want it to be.  One happy client tells 10 friends..." V.Kirkpatrick NE, USA

"I'm glad I took the class and I can't wait to take the next class and get home and use my knowledge." A.Roell IN. USA

"Thank you for HK." V.Waldron MN.US

"HK is a good system - I am enjoying learning about it." Anon, SR.USA

"I love this work it is a work that I have been searching for to make what I do complete." T.Trapp Ca. USA

''This opened up an intriguing world of possibilities. I definitely want to continue to expand my knowledge. Wonderful! I can help many people with this knowledge.'' C.Kaib NY, USA

“I wish that I had discovered HK years ago.”     V. O’Brien, England

“This was an incredible learning experience that will advance my skills in working with clients beyond any expectations. To have the knowledge to be able to work with a client so they can truly be well, and to be able to teach them how to look after themselves to stay well are powerful and wonderful things to be involved with.

In a class session working with Linda, we realized my immune system was being held back because of electromagnetics. (I underwent a hysterectomy in September '99 for a fibroid tumor. My strength and immune system remained weak and my heart rushes had grown worse – a really uncomfortable situation). With care and accuracy, we determined many things could be done, from wearing a wind-up watch, to moving a clock radio, to using a demagnetizer.

This week, I made the changes recommended and immediately the rushes in my heart area stopped and I started sleeping through the night. Now, it's four days later and I can feel my strength  returning each day. These were wonderful and very simple changes once I knew what to do – a real eye-opener.''

H.Sparrow RHN, Nutritional Consultant,  Canada 

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“I get the feeling that HK is a practical application of the very forefront of science, subtle energy science in particular.  I am feeling the benefit from working with a discipline and system, which creates space for creativity. 
I am finding HK work very satisfying as well as challenging.  I am totally intrigued by the multi-dimensional aspect of HK. Love the personal development process of it. Love the clarity of the energy processes, and the energy skill and care of the teacher.” 
M. Storer-von Bekkum,  England 
The instructor and environment were loving, the class materials were informative but explained beautifully.  I am so excited to practice HK!                     Re Lorrie Duffy, US
“A whole new world has been opened up for me that my body has been yearning to know without even knowing what's missing.” 
R.Freund, USA 

“HK is truly a holistic healing art and I believe totally that there is no limit to its potential.”

B.Latham,  England 

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“Having practiced and taught Yoga, I am very impressed with the integrity, the rigorous professionalism, and at the same time, the marvelous creativeness and playfulness of the different corrections.   
HK has opened new worlds for me, both inner and outer! 
Thank you mostly for this additional instrument for growth.  I have made giant steps, thanks to HK!” 
E.Dube,  USA 

“HK has helped me love my old self, embrace my new self, and become my true self. With written material, instruction, love and attention from the teacher, and plenty of practice on others and oneself, each level is alchemy: gold for the price of base metal.   
Various corrections (whether on clients or colleagues) turn out to be for the student therapist as well, so HK boosts one's own well being as well as the people one's working with. So people who are totally self-sacrificing may want to avoid HK! 
I loved not having to commit myself to more than one class at a time; and the fact that, even if one does just Class 1, what one learns, even on Day 1, becomes of daily, lifelong benefit immediately.” 
Colin, England 

“The HK way of healing is subtle, refined and profound, and scientifically intriguing & valid. The method is inspiring, grounded and fully satisfying for the client. I think it is the most pioneering and advanced system of holistic health on the planet today!” 
S.Lohr, England 


Please note: Health Kinesiology™ does not treat any physical diseases, disorders, ailments, etc. HK work is for the body's underlying subtle energy system. 


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